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Claudine Steyn

Medical Aid Advisor

Cell: 072 189 8387
Office: 012 543 8999
Fax to Mail: 086 613 8989

About Claudine

Claudine has been in the financial industry since 2010 and is a co-owner and founder of Amucus Financial Services Pty Ltd and co-owner of Amucus Brokers Cc.

She was raised in a family of financial advisors, which has created a solid foundation for her with the financial world. Her parents are her role models, showing her the fundamentals of being both business owners and partners in life. She learned from them that success is the result of hard work, passion, learning from failure, loyalty and perseverance.

She studied marketing at the Tshwane of University of Technology. In 2009 she came second in the Junior Marketer of the Year Competition, held by Media 24 and she completed her B.Tech in Marketing in 2010.

After her studies she started working at Amucus Brokers. She began as the financial assistant to both Steve and Roberta Rossouw. Here she gained experience in all the different divisions, exploring every aspect of the financial industry. In 2014 she decided to make this her professional career and was grateful for the opportunity to become a member of Amucus Brokers and the Advisor for the Medical Aid department, which is her specific passion.

In the same year she also completed her RE Exam which is compulsory in the financial industry. After three years of excellent growth, Amucus Financial Services was registered.

Claudine is a young professional woman striving to build strong and trustworthy relationships with her clients. She is a well-educated, friendly and considerate person and will always walk the extra mile with her clients.


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